Program Details

This competency-based training program covers seven stages and includes a companion digital workbook which allows learners to customize the learning experience, access additional leadership resources, and apply the insight in their own stores between each course.


Brand Ambassador

Learn why integrity, character, and direction are the essential building blocks of great leaders. Discover creative strategies to take control of what takes your time and how to apply quarterly goals to daily execution in all of your stores.


Talent Scout

Instead of looking for a roomful of rockstars, it’s smarter to look at the room. Learn how to build strong team cultures and environments in five stages that are designed to attract, develop, and retain high-performing managers and crew.


Servant Leader

Learn creative ways to inspire your team to perform better by leading from the middle and adopting the mindset that “my customer is anyone who isn’t me.” Discover why the companies with the lowest employee turnover use three simple strategies to maximize retention.


Head Coach 

You’ll learn the best ways to coach and develop 21st century teams by getting brilliant at the basics. We’ll explore how adults really learn so you can align your teaching skills to their mindsets. You’ll also discover how to teach your people to execute (do things), not just “know things.”


Marketing Guru

This course explores the differences between internal marketing and external marketing and how to create a habitually consistent experience for both your crew and customers in every store. You’ll examine what “service excellence” means in a post-COVID world.



This course takes a deep dive into how to plan, deliver, and maximize the impact of multiunit leaders' store visits. Learn best practices, do’s and don’ts, and how to measure the impact of your visit. Includes a high-impact unit visit checklist.


Goal Getter

In this course we’ll summarize the key learnings of Multi-U 2.0 and detail a customized roadmap you can use to apply and align all the leadership insight into your stores, units, restaurants or shops. You’ll finish with a detailed 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day action plan.