Multi-U 2.0 Develops Successful Multiunit Leaders

Multi-U 2.0 is a blended learning program that includes eight interactive e-learning courses along with experiential activities, supplemental resources, and a digital e-book. Written by best-selling Multiunit Leadership author Jim Sullivan and designed by DiscoverLink, the program is organized in a tiered learning construct, with each stage developing a progressive set of competencies pegged to the previous one.

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Access to Courses, E-book & Resources

Multi-U 2.0 is an on-demand multiunit leadership development program combining distinct course modules that align to the seven growth stages of multiunit leadership. Each course combines audio, video, animations, interactivities, adaptive learning exercises, and situational leadership drills. Multi-U 2.0 will not only teach you how to think, but also show you what to do. This brand new program includes exclusive research and best demonstrated practices of above-store leaders and multiunit franchisees worldwide.

The course is fun, self-paced, and includes a companion digital workbook that tracks your progress and key learnings. You'll also receive an e-book version of Multiunit Leadership by Jim Sullivan to refer to throughout the online course. The course duration is approximately four hours, depending on individual pace. Learners may start and stop content any time and complete modules at their discretion.

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What's Included?

Access to online course content for up to four months from date of purchase

Multiunit Leadership e-book referenced throughout the course

Opportunity to learn from high-performing multiunit leaders

Compelling video presentations that showcase best practices in action

Interactive learning resources

Online companion workbook

Downloadable reference materials

Downloadable Backcast Strategy Maps

Downloadable and printable certificates of completion for each module

Multi-U alumni status, granting access to additional learning resources

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The 7 Stages of Building Profitable Stores Across Multiple Markets

"Multi-U 2.0 provides an innovative approach and unique access to leadership teachings and processes that will strengthen multiunit leaders' abilities to positively impact team performance."

Brian Mogensen, Multiunit Leader, Chipotle

"As we are planning to become a multiunit franchisee soon, this course makes me feel prepared and excited about getting there. I now look forward to leading multiple sites with confidence that we will be successful!"

Chad Brenneman, Franchisee, Pizza Ranch

"You are either growing or you are dying, but you are never standing still. This program, if followed, will help you continue to grow and get better every day."

Bob Allen, Franchise Business Consultant, Dine Brands

"A brilliant, interactive way to provide practical tools and clarity to multiunit leaders. After taking this course, they will understand how to fill the gap in strategic connection while inspiring their teams to achieve more than they may have ever thought possible."

Louis Klaiman, Franchise Business Consultant, Jack in the Box

"As somebody who completed the original Multiunit Leadership course almost 10 years ago, I was excited to see how the key principles stayed the same but were updated for things like technology and business changes. This is a great program for anybody who is going into a multiunit role or who just wants to elevate their skillset as a single unit leader."

Jamey Heal, Franchise Business Consultant, Pizza Ranch